Premium Medical Care in one of Europe's medical epicentres.

For patients from abroad we offer a high-class health tour option. Austria is a leader in medical care and well known for its state of the art medical facilities. As part of your health tour, you will be able to combine your visit to our practice and your consultation with a tour through Vienna, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Famous for its classical music, the history of the Habsburg Empire and breath-taking architecture, Vienna charms the visitor and makes a stay in this capital truly memorable.

Pre- and post op as well as out-patient surgeries will be undertaken by Dr. Salehi. You will be in his personal care. 

Medicum will organise your hotel and city tours for you. 

All in all you will find yourself well looked after and in safe hands


Professional medical quality paired with the Cultural Heritage – “proofed by your friends”

Medical Health Tour in Vienna

Enjoy Vienna with


  1. Transfers from airport to hotel or hotel to the airport with luxury car
  2. Lodging and breakfast in your hotel
  3. Welcome Drink at the roof bar of a famous hotel with few over Vienna
  4. Medical initial consultation in private clinic “Medicum”
  5. Classical Tour with guide and bus along the Wiener Ringstrasse
  6. Time Travel - the Vienna History Show

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